May 20-21 / June 3- 4/
July 1-2 /July 15-16 /August 12-14
Sept. 1-2 Championship Weekend

The Extreme 32 series  has been a well received and a successful addition to the GBM schedule. The 2017 program is evolving to include a separate Bike/Sled ladder in the program still has the guaranteed win money of $1200 Thanks to the continued support of Rocksedge .

The basic format will remain the same  -  program is Open to Door cars, Dragsters, Altereds, Bikes, Sleds etc. - 9.99 Bump (non qualifiers go in at the bottom of the ladder if the field is not full).

$155 Entry per race , Payout is based on $125 per entry broken down 40%win-20%r/up -10% semi-5% quarters. Guaranteed Win money is $1200. ( A 32 car field pays $1600 win $800 R/up, $400 semi’s, & $200 quarters)

Year end program pays the Top 5 - $1000, $500,$350,$250,$125 plus Champions jacket, Trophy and any contigency                  points membership is $75+hst

Here is the basic class structure.

  • The series is 10 races
  • Same qualifying program as 2016 re points and the ladders will alternate – Saturday -Sportsman Ladder,Sunday -Pro Ladder. 
  • EACH LADDER ( Dragster/Door/Bike/Sled) WILL RUN EACH OTHER UNTIL ONE IS LEFT and if one ladder finishes before the others that competitor will be inserted into the other ladder (if the Bike ladder finishes before the other two ladders then that competitor goes into the Door car ladder first). So from the qualifying sheet we will be doing 3 ladders – a dragster a door and  a bike/sled depending on the day the ladder will be either Sportsman or Pro. 
  • No double bye runs in 1st rd - For example say we have 30 entries total for a race  – 14 Dragsters, 10 Door cars  6 Bike/Sled-  then the winner of Bike/Sled will go into the door ladder first since there are 2 left –  each ladder now has 3 so they runoff til one is left in each and those two runoff for the win.  If it was 10 dragster 10 door 10 bike/sled –  each aller would runoff until one left and those 3 would be put on aladder to runoff for a winner. ( who gets the bye would be determined by who already has had a bye –  if everyone has or nobody has then it goes by reaction time previous round.)
  • On Championship weekend (Labour day) to protect those who are running for a Championship or Top 5 position all Extreme 32 points members cannot be bumped from the program -  they are guaranteed to be in the field regardless 
  • POINTS STRUCTURE – 100 points per race attendance points, (100 bonus points if you attend all 10 points races) Qualifying points 1st & 2nd -20Pts, 3rd & 4th -19Pts, 5th& 6th – 18 Pts, 7th & 8th – 17Pts, and so on down to 25th&26th – 8Pts, 27th thru 32nd – 7Pts. Competition Points –  Winner -120Pts, Runner up -100Pts, Semi’s -80Pts, Quarters – 60Pts, Eights – 40Pts, 16th’s – 20 Pts.
  • Each ladder has the same qualifying points so the quickest dragster/door car and bike/sled get the same qualifying points and so on down the line.


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