Raceway Rentals and Testing

Track rentals require a 15% deposit, balance to be paid the day of the rental. cancellations are 100% refundable, or deposit can be moved to an alternate date if available.

All rental pricing includes track officials/marshals (number needed to be determined) if extra are required beyond our norm, additional costs may be incurred.

All rental pricing includes EMT/Ambulance personnel (number required based on the vehicles/program running).

All rentals begin with a Drivers Mtg to go over the flags/their meaning, followed by a sighting lap of the layout chosen, all participants must wear a helmet while on track.(rentals available from GBM, please call and reserve in advance). Convertibles must run with the top up unless they have a built in roll bar system. Passengers are allowed (must wear a helmet as well)

Rain Policy/Cancellation  -  If you need to cancel (re weather) we need a minimum of 2 hours notice (more preferably) so we can cancel the EMT’s otherwise you will incur a 3 hour EMT charge ($150- $300) as that is the minimum charge since they come out of London. Usually re weather concerns, it is best to touch base with us the day before to discuss the situation, we can make a call at that time or we can wait until the morning of (but need to make that decision at least 2 hours before your rental is to start).

Insurance -  GBM carries a liability policy re its rental and lapping programs, but vehicles on the road course are not insured under our policy. Please be advised. Most insurance policies do not cover vehicles participating in on track programs.

PROGRAM RESTRICTIONS -  Because of the above re insurance and to keep all patrons as safe as possible, our rentals and lapping programs have controlled/designated passing areas  – NO PASSING THRU THE CORNERS/TWISTING SECTIONS OF THE RACETRACK. ALL PASSING OCCURS ON THE LONG STRAIGHTS WHICH MAKES IT LIKE PASSING ON THE HIGHWAY. If you catch the car in front of you stay behind it until you get to the straightaway that car is then required to slowdown slightly pull over and let you pass. (If you are the car in front that gets caught continue as normal until you get to the straightaway – pull over slowdown slightly let the car behind you pass and then resume speed).